Education Resources

Environmental and natural resource management based resources and activities:

Mangrovia5web.jpgMarvellous Mangroves

Mangroves are an important part of the Wide Bay Burnett, lining our rivers and tidal creeks where they play a significant role in coastal protection buffering our communities from the impacts of severe storms and weather events, in fisheries productivity as important nursery areas and in water quality improvement filtering out sediments to protect coral reefs and seagrass meadows from being smothered. 

Marvellous Mangroves covers a broad range of topics from science to social studies and Embedding Aboriginal & Torrest Strait Islander Perspectives (EATSIP) to the arts with a class set of themed costumes and an inflatable Mangrovia available for participating teachers to borrow and set the scene in their own schools.

For a link to the Marvellous Mangroves resource kit click here

For more information email or call 07 4181 2999.

Carbon Kids

National-tree-day--14.jpgCarbonKids is a program designed for use by teachers and students in primary and middle schools and provides opportunities to participate activities that build understanding about climate and ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Objectives of the CarbonKids program are;

  1. To establish a network of CarbonKids schools that demonstrate curricula connections and action to reduce their carbon footprint,
  2. To provide leadership in science and education for sustainability, and developing community, state and national partnerships,
  3. To assist school communities with resources, strategies and networks to develop climate related projects, and
  4. To inspire young people to pursue a lifelong interest and passion in science and agriculture. 

Best of all, CarbonKids schools are supported with curriculum resources and participating in the program is free! To register your school or for further information please contact Cathy Mylrea on 07 4181 2999 ext 301.

HH_Teacher_Guidelines_Booklet_Final_1.jpgHealthy Habitats

The Healthy Habitats Education Package provides a complete reference guide for students to observe, record and partake in activities at a local creek or waterway and includes a mix of activities for all levels of learning

Healthy Habitats Teachers Guide 'My Local Creek'
 click to download (4.51mb)
Healthy Habitats Student Workbook 1 'All I can find at my local creek' click to download (1.01mb)
Healthy Habitats Student Workbook 2 'All I can do for my local creek' click to download (1.77mb)
Healthy Habitats Student Workbooks 1 & 2 A5 booklet printable versions click to download (2.37mb)

Shorebird Education Kit for Children

Although this is not a BMRG resource, the BMRG is proud to have a long affiliation with Queensland Wader Study Group who have developed and produce this product.  The kit includes:

  • Shorebirds PowerPoint presentation in 5 parts on a CD.
  • Handbook containing presenter's notes, activity and information sheets, script and instructions for play A tale of travellers of the shore and curriculum links for teachers.
  • Cutout patterns for bird props for the play.

The BMRG has a limited number of these kits FREE available for teachers (one only per school) on request.  For more information, please email or call 07 4181 2999. 

stormwater-cover-better.jpgStormwater based resources:

Student workbook 'Clean our Creeks, Save our Seas' (Grades Prep - 3) click to download (3.42mb)
Student workbook 'Clean our Creeks, Save our Seas (Grades 4 - 7) click to download (3.36mb)

Other useful sites:

Junior Landcare
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's ReefED
For further information or assistance with resources, please email or call 07 4181 2999.