Reef Water Quality Grants and Partnerships Programs          

This program is a key initiative of the Australian Government, to restore the health of Australia’s environment and build on improved land management practices. The program's objective is to improve the water quality of the Great Barrier Reef lagoon by changing land management practices to reduce nutrient, pesticide and sediment run-off from agricultural land.

The program concluded in June 2016. For a summary of the Burnett Reef Programme Impact Statement, click here.

How does the Reef Program work in the Burnett Mary?

The Reef Program at a national level is a partnership between government, industry and Natural Resource Management organisations like the BMRG. In the Burnett Mary, the program is managed by the Burnett Mary Reef Partnership. Like the Reef Wide partnership, the Burnett Mary Reef Partnership is a multi-industry multi-partner effort. There are 4 main industry streams; CaneDairyGrazing, and Horticulture each represented by key industry organisations. Local industry representatives ensure that incentives offered to landholders as a result of Reef Program investment are relevant for Burnett Mary Primary Producers within the Australian Government's guidelines.

How does the Reef Program work on-ground?


Reef Program activities are rolled out by experienced Extension Officers who are specialists in their industry. Extension staff assist landholders to review their proposed activities against program guidelines. If the activities are found to be eligible for incentives, the extension officers will then help landholders complete an application form. The incentive applications are assessed periodically by expert panels and approved applicants are offered contracts and can begin work.


Key Contact

Cathy Mylrea
(07) 4181 2999 (ext 301)