the Carbon Farming Project


Restoring the Balance; Carbon Farming Solutions is an initiative of the Burnett Mary Regional Group established to provide relevant information to land managers on the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), greenhouse gas (GHG) emission mitigation technologies and carbon sequestration opportunities. 

What does it do?  

  • INFORM - opportunities to participate in the ERF
  • INVOLVE - local producers and land managers in opportunities to reduce emissions and sequester carbon   
  • SHARE information - GHG emissions, carbon sequestration technologies
  • SUPPORT - one-on-one support to graziers to prepare Property Management Plans and to Horticulture growers

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To get involved or for further information on the Carbon Farming Project, contact Acting Carbon Farming Coordinator, Cathy Mylrea on 07 4181 2999 – or contact our partners; Burnett Catchment Care Association, Bundaberg Fruit & Vegetable Growers, and Dairy Australia.  


Key Contact

Cathy Mylrea
(07) 4181 2999 (ext 301)