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The Better Beef for the Reef program has been funded through the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. The project will be finalised by December 2019 and builds on previous reef-related activities. The project focuses on targeted extension to drive adoption of improved grazing management practices. The targeted priority areas for the project include the Lower Baffle, Lower Kolan, Lower Burnett and Lower Burrum Basins. 

Click here to view a map of the Better Beef for the Reef priority areas.

BMRG will actively engage with graziers within the priority areas, who have not previously participated in NRM programs. Through this project, extension officers will work with graziers to apply innovative grazing land management practices to improve productivity and profitability. Investments will be directed towards improving grazier capacity to implement strategic practice change through funding a suite of extension activities. 

BMRG project officer will engage with landholders thought the following activities:

  • Six on-farm demonstration sites for on-site research and field days
  • Extension and training activities (in groups and on-on-one) to enhance landholder capacity to implement best management practices
  • Farmer-influenced field days to engage landholders within the priority areas
  • Bus tours of demonstration sites to showcase property and project achievements
  • Community-based networking groups that provide cooperative support to graziers on current and relevant issues and challenges e.g. pasture dieback
  • Distribution of resources and technical on-farm support

A Fact Sheet on the Better Beef for the Reef project is available here.


Key Contact

Emma Turner
Grazing Extension Officer
P: 07 4181 2999
M: 0409 459 669