Flood Plain Management

Floods_2013_-_400m_of_pivot_destroyed.jpgThe Flood Plain Management component of the On-farm and Riparian Recovery program aims to help support primary producers who have severe flood plain land degradation due to the January 2013 floods.

Technical on-ground support is available to control flood plain scouring and restore the production values of agricultural land. Advice on how to rehabilitate degraded soils and improve agronomic management is also available.

The focus is on methods to control and coordinate flood flows where practical across properties located on flood plains with technical advice available through BMRG's technical staff.

Three priority areas have been identified through aeriel imagery and extensive property visits by BMRG staff for flood plain management activities:

  • Byee Flood Plain
  • Three Moon Creek
  • Lower Burnett/Bundaberg South/Lower Kolan

BMRG has produced a Flood Plain Management report to inform it activities for the Flood Plain Management project

Final Flood Plain Management Reports have been compiled for:


Key Contact

Cathy Mylrea
(07) 4181 2999 (ext 301)