Principles of Wetland Management

Connectivity to the Landscape

Aquatic ecosystem connectivity refers to the connections between and within aquatic ecosystems. A good example is flooding connecting a river to a billabong.

An appreciation of the connection of the wetland to other wetlands and to the broader catchment and landscape is important for effective management decisions. For example, when looking at prioritising wetlands for management actions in a catchment, a wetland that provides refuge for wildlife in a dry landscape may be given priority.


Wetland Values

What someone values in a wetland will be influenced by their own perspective or interest. When considering wetland values it is important to identify who benefits from what values.

The importance of a wetland depends on the type, its values and the criteria on which it is assessed. Quite often the terms ‘values’, ‘ecosystem services’ and ‘benefits’ are used interchangeably, see the Assessing wetland values and services page for further information.