GSS Interactive Management Program

The Great Sandy Strait is a Ramsar listed wetland. The area considered in this management program includes the waters of the Great Sandy Strait and its contributing freshwater catchments - including the Mary River, Fraser Island, and the sub catchments of the Fraser coast.

The vision of the Great Sandy Strait Interactive Management Program is to provide resources that assist inĀ  better management and preservation of the ecological character of the Great Sandy Strait and its contributing catchments.

The animation below is intended to act as the first stop for information relevant to the area, and to promote an understanding of how the entire landscape functions.

nlp-logo.pngProduction of the animation has been assisted through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme

Introduction to the GSS Interactive Management Program

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Policy and Legislation

The Queensland Government shares responsibility for the management of wetlands with the Australian Government, local governments, landholders and the wider community. These responsibilities are formalised in laws passed by the Queensland and Commonwealth governments and through international obligations and management agreements such as Ramsar.