Community Engagement Survey Results Summary

May 20, 2016

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The BMRG 2016 community engagement survey results have been finalised. More than 300 people completed have taken the opportunity to complete the survey and provide feedback on BMRG's NRM awareness raising activities.

The survey builds on the 2014 baseline survey and was conducted in order to measure how the region's stakeholder feel that their awareness and participation has increased in the past two years.

Respondent age and gender demographics across the two surveys were remarkably similar with close to a 50:50 gender split. In 2014, 44% of respondents were aged over 50 years and in the 2016 survey this figure was 56.4%.

Primary producers made up almost 30% of responses and 70% identified as members of industry, community and Landcare representatives.

The types of primary production closely aligned to how the region is delineated with approximately 60% of respondents from grazing enterprises, 10% canegrowing and roughly 20% horticulture.

50% of respondents indicated that their increase in level of awareness about natural resource management in the last two years was high or very high.

55% rated their increase in participation in natural resource management activities in the past two years as high or very high. 

Both of these results are pleasing and are an indication that BMRG's communication and engagement activities are well supported both by primary producers and those involved in environmental conservation activities.

The winners of the two fitbits offered as incentives to complete the survey have been notified and on behalf of BMRG we offer our congratulations.

To view a 2014/2016 survey comparison analysis, please click here

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