Terrestrial Biodiversity

Under the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme, BMRG is working to reduce the loss, degradation and fragmentation of natural habitats. This will be achieved by protecting or conserving Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES) and improving the conservation status of nationally threatened species and ecological communities.

BMRG will guide onground investment with the assistance of the community, including natural resource management organisations and Landcare groups to address national, regional and local priorities. 

Priority projects will seek to improve the condition and resilience within target areas through partnerships with landholders, traditional owners, community groups and industry.  Projects will focus on the restoration and protection of vegetation through the improved management of pest animals, grazing pressure, fire, weeds (including Weeds of National Significance) in an integrated and adaptive management approach.  It will aim to assist community groups and managers in delivering key recovery actions for priority coastal environment threatened fauna species.

The program will build skills within the community to better manage threatened species and increase the understanding of key threats and required abatement actions.  Community interaction, appreciation and understanding are essential to provide the balance between biodiversity and intensified land use.  The program will continue to support community groups who have a long established program of species and ecosystem management including marine threatened species.

Back on Track Species Prioritisation Framework

Management actions will be guided by relevant conservation advice, recovery or management plans provided for each species and ecological community.  Activities will be in line with the identified priorities of the Queensland Government program, Back on Track-Priorities (Burnett Mary) for the management of species at risk within the Burnett Mary.

Back on Track Actions for Biodiversity in the Burnett Mary Region (2010) is a publication that outlines priority management needs for the conservation of threatened species in the region. BMRG targets threatened animals and plants as well as migratory species such as shorebirds through dedicated actions to retain and protect habitat essential for their survival. The Burnett Mary Region has many threatened animal and plant species.

Information on species distribution

Data on plant and animal species in Australia, including mapping, data sets and species by location is available online from the Atlas of Living Australia.

Key Contact

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