The Friends of Rifle Range Creek, Stage 1 Area Almost Complete!

Aug 31, 2017

P1010031.JPGA critical milestone was achieved on Sunday, 13 August 2017, when 160 trees were planted. Another 40 trees and several patches of bladie grass will be added as soon as they arrive. This milestone became the focus of Council’s Carl Moller and Nick MacLean who worked closely with Adam Baigrie and Heather Usher to ensure that the plants and water were ready for Sunday’s working-bee.

Council supplied all plants, which are native to the area, from local Landcare nurseries. Adam borrowed a 2500l tank and 120m/22mm hose/fittings from Scott Norval, National Manager of RFM Macadamias. Council filled the tank from its water truck and will replenish it as required.

Because the work is being done on a creek where irrigation lines are not allowed, Adam brought the 22mm line to the bank and tapped it at two suitable locations for hand watering by buckets and other containers. The tank is located on Les’s block about 4.0m above the creek bank.

Trees have been watered twice this week and will receive another dose on Saturday, another next week, then once weekly thereafter. Les, Heather and Ian have taken on that job but would welcome any assistance from time to time.

The Friends of Rifle Range Creek goal is to ensure all those plantings are sufficiently established throughout spring to ensure they endure whatever this summer has in store for them. 

Thanks to the commendable input by Carl and Nick, Adam and Heather, the project is right on track to complete stage 1 over the next three working-bees. These working-bees have been rescheduled to the last Sundays of September and October 2017.


Les Szczerbinski, 22 Magnolia Court.

4159 0108 or  0408 686 716  or

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