New Partnership between Friends of Rifle Range Creek and Bundaberg Regional Council!

Jul 13, 2017

Heather and Adam met with Bundaberg Regional Council’s Nick MacLean and Carl Moller last Friday, 30 June. This was the first visit Nick and Carl had made since the stage 1 area was cleared of Leucaena. They were impressed with the results and the efforts of the crew.

The momentum and direction outlined in Adam’s plan has proven to be effective. Consequently,  Carl and Nick are keen to continue following his direction. Council will continue its support by providing herbicides to Adam, as well as allowing free access to its refuse centres to dump all green waste taken from the area.

Carl discussed the advantages of planting the Woongarra Scrub tree and shrub varieties in the stage 1 area. These plants were historically native to the area. Council will provide the stock and Heather and Adam will prepare a list of varieties and numbers needed for planting during this winter.  At the moment, Heather needs a solution to effective watering of these plants. If you have any suggestions, contact Les Szczerbinski on 4159 0108.

Les attended the meeting as an observer and left with confidence in the new partnership with Council. The next working-bee meeting will be held at 8:30am on Sunday 23 July.  If you photo_FORRC.pngare interested in attending or would like to learn more about the Friends of Rifle Range Creek, contact Les on 4159 0108.

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