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Expressions of Interest

Community Biodiversity Grants

Are you interested in working with the Burnett Mary Regional Group (BMRG) to protect our region’s unique plants, animals and habitats? If so, then they would love to hear your ideas! Expressions of interest are now being invited under BMRG’s “Healthy Habitats” and “Keeping it Great “ initiatives, supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme. 

The “Healthy Habitats” initiative provides up to $20,000 for each project aimed at protecting regional biodiversity. The “Keeping it Great initiative provides up to $15,000 for each project that enhances the ecosystems of Fraser Island or the Great Sand Strait Ramsar wetland site.  

Activities that are eligible for funding include improved fire management, invasive plant or pest control and management of access to sensitive coastal habitats.  Grants can also be used to fund promotional or educational activities aimed at improving community attitudes towards natural resource management and the environment. In particular, BMRG is keen to support citizen science projects that improve understanding and conservation outcomes for our region’s threatened species or habitats.

To apply, please read the application guidelines.  A link to the application forms is included in the guidelines.

Applications must be lodged with BMRG no later than midnight, Sunday  14th May 2017.

If you have difficulty accessing the forms, or require further assistance, please contact BMRG on (07) 4181 2999.

Expressions of Interest

Cane Innovation Grants

Do you have an idea or a trial waiting to happen but need some help to get it off the ground?

Funding is available to cane farmers to develop innovative practices that will reduce nutrient losses from farms. Through funding under the Australian Government Reef Trust: Reef Alliance Program - Growing a Great Barrier Reef, the innovation funding stream includes over $200,000 available to Burnett Mary cane growers. All Burnett Mary Cane Innovation Grants are capped at $75,000 and requires a 30% farmer co-contribution. Grants are available to growers in the Bundaberg, Isis and Maryborough cane growing districts and innovation projects must be completed by June 2019.

Practices must be innovative (i.e. new to the industry, new to your region or an idea from another industry) and have an expected cost effective water quality outcome for nutrients.

To apply, please complete an Expression of Interest form and submit. Once submitted your EOI will be discussed and progressed with a BMRG Officer. EOI’s will be processed as they are received and assessed for suitability. If the EOI meets the criteria, it will progress to a full application. The final date for EOI’s to be submitted is close of business 21 April 2017.

For further information contact:

Burnett Mary Regional Group - Cathy Mylrea P: 07 4181 2999 or M: 0448 041 282

Bundaberg Sugar Services Ltd - Matt Leighton P: 07 4151 2555

Canegrowers Isis Ltd - Kerry O’Brien P: 07 4126 1444

Cane Innovation Grants Factsheet



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Partner Funding Opportunities

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External Funding Opportunities

Funding is currently available from the Australian and Queensland Governments and other organisations for the following: